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Yang Great Ancestral Hall

Updated: 2016-03-15

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Yang Great Ancestral Hall, formerly Yang Ancestral Shrine in Beishan Village, is a cultural relic protection unit of Guangdong Province. It was appraised as one of the “Most Beautiful Countryside Tourist Demonstration Areas of Guangdong Province” in 2006. 

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Built in 1868 in the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), the complex consists of a palace, hall, courtyard, side chambers, library and musical performance stage. Its stone, brick, plaster, and wood carvings are exquisite and vivid, while the garden and architecture are well designed. Inside, there is an imperial edict plaque granted by Emperor T'ung-Chih (Tongzhi), and a plaque inscribed by Lin Sen who was the longest serving head of state in the Republic of China while it still held the mainland. In 2009, the ancestral temple was renovated, and several of the inside articles including honor plaques were reproduced. 

Address: Beishan Village, Nanping Town, Zhuhai    

Tel: 86-756-8678017

Buses: 14, 15, 16, 34, 201, 601, 605, 608, 609


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