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Yeli Island

Updated: 2016-03-16


The top 10 major island Yeli is situated near the Xiangzhou downtown area and is connected to the city by the 300-meter Haiyan Bridge, which is currently being replaced with a new span. The island has four hills with lush lawns, trees, and winding hill-climbing paths. 


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Zhuhai Opera House [Photo by Xie Ruzhen]

Haiyu Road circles the rim, and the Chengxi and Changwan pavilions adorn its enrapturing coastline. The Zhuhai Opera House, in the shape of enormous seashells, is an imposing architecture facing the city's famous gigantic concrete pagoda ship-shaped Deyuefang Seafood Restaurant.


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Xinyue Bridge connecting Yeli Island with the central urban area of Zhuhai is open for pedestrians and motorists.

The bridge has three vehicle lanes with sidewalks on both sides. Normally only two lanes are open to motor vehicles, one in and one out, and the third is for bicycles. But during peak hours when there are stage shows or concerts at the Zhuhai Opera House on the island, the third lane will serve motorists -- going onto Yeli Island before a show and exiting afterward.

Transport: Bus No 9, 99

Bus information: 86-756-2650123



Yeli Island now even more-delightful wonderland

One of the most beautiful islands in Zhuhai, Yeli reopened to the public on May 1.


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