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City Parlor (Haibin Beach)

Updated: 2016-04-20

The ongoing 90 million yuan ($14.48 million) Haibin Beach renovation encompasses Lovers Post Office, Happy Hour Pagoda, Watch Tower, support-service facility, Happy Square at the main entrance, Music Fountain and more. The beach is a more-than-ever romantic venue for wedding photographs. 

海滨泳场 钟凡 摄_副本.jpg

[Photo by Zhong Fan]

Outstanding are Tide Sound on Islands, and Love Peninsula. There is a 760 sq m stage for the annual Beach Music Party, an 8,140 sq m underground parking lot, three-story cascade viewing deck and 200,000 cubic m of additional golden sands.


Tastefully hoisted atop the decks is a coffee spot, two bars, an ice cream parlor and several modern rest room facilities, while almost hidden on the other side of the beach is an outdoor Beer Garden overlooking the sea. Furthermore, banyan, coconut, flame, wild date palm and other trees and plants thrive in the environs, adding to the idyllic subtropical fauna in this romantic atmosphere.

 海滨浴场1 钟凡_副本.jpg

[Photo by Zhong Fan]

Address: C Lovers Avenue (Qinglv Zhonglu), Jida, Xiangzhou District

Buses: 9, 99


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