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Gu Yuan's Former Residence

Updated: 2016-04-28

Gu Yuan (1919-96), a native of Nazhou Village, Tangjiawan Town, Zhuhai, was a renowned artist and educator. He joined the anti-Japanese invasion moves, fighting artistically with his printmaking paintings. He was honored as “a genius in Chinese art circles” by Xu Beihong, a Chinese master of fine arts from Jiangsu. Gu served as the third president of the China Academy of Fine Arts in his later years, and donated some of his works to his hometown in his will.


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Covering an area of 333 sq m, with a floor area of 147 sq m, Gu Yuan’s Former Residence was built by his father, Gu Wan, in 1912. It exhibits 39 reprints of Gu Yuan’s works and is a cultural relics protection site in Zhuhai.

Address: Nazhou Village, Tangjiawan Town, Zhuhai

Bus: 65 


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