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Guishan sets stage for 'island power' in Guangdong

Updated: 2016-07-05

Zhuhai’s Guishan Offshore Wind Farm was recently approved by the Development & Reform Commission of Guangdong as the province’s first such offshore pilot project. 

The electricity-generation undertaking is being financed and constructed by Southern Offshore Wind Power Joint Development Co Ltd. The current scale of construction is 120 mw, with an installation of thirty-four 3 mw and three 6 mw wind turbine generators. It is estimated that annual energy output would be about 2.66 twh, which will yield significant social and economic returns by saving 86,600 tons of standard coal equivalents and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide by 206,700 tons. 


Schematic of the Guishan Offshore Wind Farm Demonstration Project [Photo / Zhuhai Daily]

A state-level demonstration project and also the world’s first project integrating offshore wind power and island new-energy intelligent micro-grid applied research, the wind farm is to set an example for follow-ups in Guangdong. It also will promote domestic development of offshore wind power equipment, innovative offshore wind turbine and construction technologies, power supply solutions in the Wanshan Zone islands, and facilitation of local economic development. 

Upon completion, the project and the island power grid network will link the micro-grids of Dong’ao, Guishan and Greater Wanshan islands with the onshore main power grid to achieve an intra-island power supply. This will solve the steady electrical supply problem in remote islands, realize integrated use of island natural resources, and promote sustainable development in the Wanshan Marine Development Experimental Zone. 

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