2004 (Nov 1-7)

Updated: 2016-10-13

THE 5th exhibition was held November 1-7, 2004. With an indoor display area of 16,000sqm and 230,000 visitors, the airshow harvested agreements on 18 projects worth $4.5 billion. 


1. Yang Liwei, the fighter pilot who made China's first trip into space aboard Shenzhou-V, Yang's spacesuit, the huge parachute used for safe landing, together with the returned module and the special food he ate during the flight were in the spotlight of the airshow. Also on display was a model of the Chang’e-1 satellite, which is expected to be sent to orbit the moon in two years. 

2. Nearly 100 flight demonstrations were performed by various fighters, business aircraft, helicopters and delta-wing aircraft. The Bayi or “August 1” aerial acrobatics team of the Chinese Air Force, Air Force Swift Magic Aerobatic Team, the British UBB (The Utterly Butterly Barnstormers) aerobatic team and British Golden Dreams performed mid-air stunts amid appalling visibility.

3. Russia’s new MiG-29M2 fighter and China’s new advanced FTC-2000 trainer were also in the spotlight.

4. Some 130 varieties of aviation and aerospace aircraft models covering military, civilian, business, rocket and missile usage were on display. The ACAC ARJ21 advanced regional jet, a two-engine commercial passenger aircraft and China's first domestically designed passenger jet, was most popular. The Miss Airlines International Contest 2004 5th Airshow China, Zhuhai, was held for the first time and 26 airline hostesses from 15 airlines of 10 countries and territories attended the contest on the last night of the airshow at the Zhuhai International Conference Centre Hotel.


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