'August 1st' Aerobatic Team of Chinese PLA Air Force

Updated: 2016-10-15


"August 1st" Aerobatic Team of the Chinese PLA Air Force [Photo courtesy airshow.com.cn]

The “August 1st” Aerobatic Team of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force was named in celebration of the founding of the PLA on Aug 1, 1927. Formed on Jan 25, 1962, the unit has performed 241 times for 187 delegations from 92 countries and regions over the years, with a record of no failures.

The team has flown a wide assortment of aircraft including the MiG-15, J-5, J-6, J-7EB, J-7GB, J-10 and others. They often perform aerobatic demonstrations for National Day celebrations.

The flying squad, a frequent visitor to the Airshow China, made its debut on international stage at Russia’s MAKS 2013 airshow.


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