Al Fursan of the UAE Air Force

Updated: 2016-10-15


Al Fursan of the UAE Air Force [Photo courtesy]

Al Fursan of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Air Force, considered a national treasure, was formed in 2010 with Italian-built Aermacchi MB-339A jet aircraft.

The acrobatic demonstrating team was trained by Frecce Tricolori pilots at the Rivolto Air Base in Italy and flies seven aircraft, all of which are reserved for use in performances.

The Al Fursan aircraft, pained in gold, black, white, red, and green colors, are equipped with smoke generators producing the same colors of the UAE flag -- red, green, white, and black.

The team’s first public aerobatic flight was at Dubai Airshow 2011. Its debut Airshow China performance was made in 2014.


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