Red Eagles Formation Display Team from the USA

Updated: 2016-10-15


The US-based Red Eagles Formation Display Team performs during an air show. [Photo courtesy]

The Red Eagles Formation Display Team is a frequent feature at air shows across North America, well-known for its solo aerobatics, team aerobatics and warbird acts.

The team made its maiden flight in China at the Airshow China 2010, performing stunts featuring a singular blend of low-altitude precision formation flying and aerobatics with transitions and head-on passes.

Dan McClung, the team’s flight leader and instructor, has been flying for more than 35 years, including serving as a pilot in the US military in Iraq during the Desert Storm, Desert Shield and Northern and Southern Watch campaigns.

The team demonstrated at the show thrilling aerobatic performances such as inverted flat spins, inside and outside loops, multiple snap rolls, and tail slides using the one-of-a-kind Talon Eagle and Red Eagle maneuvers.



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