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Hushan Jinchao Pipa Duck

Updated: 2016-12-02


The century-old skill of roasting Pipa ducks over open flames from Jinchao Deli in Zhuhai's Hushan Village has been passed to sixth-generation inheritor Huang Zhongren.

A genealogy report shows that Huang Qihao, born in Hushan Village of Doumen District in 1842, was at home with roasting ducks, which were plentiful in the small village surrounded by waterways.

The second-generation inheritor, Huang Chuyun, found by accident that litchi, which abounds in the area, could endow a special fragrance to roasted duck when burned like wood. Thus began the history of Litchi-Roasted Ducks.

Third-generation inheritor Huang Eju named the delicacy Pipa Duck in accordance with its shape of Pipa, a four-stringed Chinese musical instrument.


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