Fushan creating advanced-equipment belt

Updated: 2017-02-20

Fushan Industrial Park plans to import at least two projects worth 1+ billion yuan ($145.6 million) each, five investing 500+ million yuan ($72.8 million) each, and 20 to 30 foreign and domestic hi-tech SMEs valued at 100+ million yuan ($14.6 million) each, according to the Doumen District government.   


Fushan Industrial Park [File photo]

The park will continue to target Suzhou Industrial Park in Jiangsu Province as its benchmark this year. Rising to the opportunity to develop the Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Belt on the west bank of the Pearl River, it aims to draw more Fortune Global 500 and China Top 500 Enterprises as well as private hi-tech SMEs. The park will also promote new infrastructure and help to integrate industry into the city.

This year, the park authority plans to launch 37 projects concerning planning, land acquisition, land resumption, and newly added construction land, and 53 support infrastructure projects such as land leveling and road construction. It aims to become a high-end planning, city-industry integration, and innovation-driven development demonstration zone. Its focus will be on expansion and upgrade of the industrial park, growth of industrial production, and increased corporate capital.


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