Doumen adds incentives to attract top-notch talent

Updated: 2018-06-08

A newly settled Unicorn or an industry-leading enterprise talent team can receive up to 10 million yuan ($1.57 million) under a new program to attract high-quality personnel to Doumen District.

The Doumen Huangyang Talent Serial Policy was issued on June 6. It supplements the Zhuhai Talent Program that took effect last month. Consisting of 25 documents, the policy demonstrates determination to acquire expertise to assist in development, stated a local official.

Under the policy, major project teams will be given privileges for top-notch talent, and incentives will be customized for teams behind innovative industry parks, sci-tech towns, and cultural-tourism towns.

There are also incentives for companies to employ skilled workers and send them to study overseas, along with subsidies to reward individuals for accomplishments and to train interns.


Doumen Talent Work Meeting [Photo by Zeng Yao / Zhuhai Daily]

Fresh graduates and those with fourth-tier skills and above, as stipulated in the city's five-tier classification, will have free access to housing at Talent Post Station, a service base designed by the local government.

There is also an urgent need to build a pool of highly skilled workers. Higher-education institutions and social groups are being incentivized with up to 1 million yuan ($156,490) to establish expert workstations and other professional institutions in Doumen. Operations should be related to regional development, industrial revitalization, new business, and the "new economy."

Large domestic and foreign human resources firms will be energetically brought in with opening subsidy of 500,000 yuan ($78,245) each and extra bonus for outperformers.

Doumen Overseas Chinese Fraternity and various overseas Chinese hometown associations abroad that are active in attracting talented personnel will be awarded grants of up to 1 million yuan.

Significant living allowances are now available to attract rural technicians, young people from the area, accomplished and experienced retirees, and village craftsmen. An additional 20,000 yuan ($3,130), 30,000 yuan ($4,695), and 60,000 yuan ($9,390) will be given accordingly if they have undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degrees; the incentives overlap with those granted by the city government.

National, provincial, municipal, and district-level inheritors of intangible cultural legacies will be eligible for one-off rewards of 100,000 yuan ($15,650), 50,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan, and 10,000 yuan respectively. Individuals with very high-level skills in culture and sports will be eligible for grants of up to 50,000 yuan per year if they have made contributions at basic level units.

Notably, application procedures to receive financial benefits will be simplified and completed in one visit to a special service window, with no more than four documents required for each application.

Doumen industries are dominated by manufacturers with advanced equipment, new digital information, energy-saving and environmentally friendly smart appliance, strategic emerging industries, and ecological agriculture. Flextronics, for example, has a 53,000-employee industrial park with its own facilities including schools for employee children.

The Huangyang is a Doumen river on which yearly dragon boat races are held and also a mountain upon which is the Jintai Temple.

For more information about the Zhuhai Talent Program, visit Zhuhai Talent Program -- unsurpassed in the Pearl River Delta.


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