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TCM masters provide prime health care in Gongbei

Updated: 2018-06-27

The Zhuhai Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine, also known as the Zhuhai Second People's Hospital, recruited six traditional Chinese medical masters as academic advisers on June 25 to carry out TCM diagnosis and treatment at a higher level.

Professors Liu Minru, Shen Baofan, Xiong Jibai, Li Diangui, and Liu Liang, president of the Macau University of Science & Technology, were presented with the letters of appointment. The lineup also includes Lin Tiandong, the only national-level TCM expert in Hainan Province. They will hold clinic hours regularly every month.


Awarding of letters of appointment [Photos by Zhao Zi / Zhuhai Daily]

The first such practice in Zhuhai is intended to better satisfy the diverse demands for TCM health service. Employment of a second group of experts is on the agenda, according to Liu Zhilong, head of the hospital. More skilled clinicians and teams are expected to pass down their professional knowledge and provide treatment at the facility while cultivation of innovative local talents continues.  

The Zhuhai Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine is located on West Yuehua Road (Yuehua Xi Lu) in Gongbei, Xiangzhou District. It is a third-grade comprehensive hospital founded in 1984. It is also the largest hospital of its kind in Zhuhai, Zhongshan, and Jiangmen, integrating medical treatment, prevention, health care, rehabilitation, R&D, and education.

The hospital has seen steady growth in medical demands over recent years, treating 850,000 patients last year.


Zhuhai Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine [Photo courtesy]


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