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Zhuhai 5th People's Hospital (珠海市第五人民医院)

Updated: 2018-07-05


Zhuhai 5th People's Hospital

Zhuhai 5th People's Hospital at Pingsha Town of the Gaolan Port Economic Zone was founded in 1955, upgraded from the original Zhuhai Pingsha Hospital. Located at the foot of Ziji Mountain, the hospital less than 10 km from the Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort is at the center of the new town cluster. Covering 48,000 sq m with a building area of nearly 15,000 sq m, it has a superior location and convenient transportation adjacent to Fushan Industrial Park, Qianwu Town and Hongqi Town. 

Address: 87 2nd Pingsha Road, Pingsha Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai

Tel: 86 756 7267 163


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