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Past/recent photos: growth; HZM bridge: much more

Updated: 2018-07-13

Composite photographs showcasing Xiangzhou District's development and changes are featured in the Zhujiang Evening Post editions released on July 11.

Brimming with the high hopes of earlier days, the photographs were taken decades ago by local photographer Huang Lijian. They are shown in comparison with shots of the same scenes from modern photographer Cai Zhenfeng. The contrasts remind readers of the tremendous changes and rapid growth in Zhuhai over all these years. 


An aerial view of Wanzai in the 1990s records what the strong regional economic powerhouse looked like at that time. Zhuhai entered a fast lane of healthy development after it was designated a Special Economic Zone in 1980. The photo taken this year, showing the Changsheng and Baishi bridges spanning the Qianshan River, makes one wonder what further heights are in store now that the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is nearing completion.


The top photo, taken in 1991, is a record of early development in Gongbei soon after the Banzhang Mt Tunnel opened. Guangdong Regency Hotel (Yuehai Jiudian) and Yindo (Grand Jasper) Hotel were the landmarks in the area. Today's Gongbei is actively embracing additional changes marked by many high-rise buildings. It is also widening the Banzhang Mt Tunnel to break its traffic gridlock.


Qianshan Port was still in operation in the 1990s as shown in the top photo. It laid a foundation for Xiangzhou's comprehensive transportation system. Qianshan Station of the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity MRT was constructed upon that foundation to increase travel convenience. [Old photos by Huang Lijian, new ones by Cai Zhenfeng]


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