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Sturdier, esthetic pavilions to be rebuilt on Yeli Island

Updated: 2018-08-20

Chengxi and Changwan pavilions on Yeli Island, which were severely damaged by typhoons last summer, will be rebuilt to reflect the strengths of traditional Chinese pavilions in the context of panoramic views and hillside scenery.

Conceptual designs for the structures in (Mingting Park) in Wanzaisha of Xiangzhou were done by the Guangzhou Urban Planning & Design Survey Research Institute. The pavilions are to be ready in time for Spring Festival next year.

Chengxi (morning glow) Pavilion at the north side of the hill will face southeast so that visitors can enjoy sunrises above the sea.

The high-lying pavilion will be a traditional wooden hexagonal structure with a pedestal and double eaves to increase its height. This will allow visitors to look farther, while making it a landmark attraction.


Pre-damaged and new Chengxi Pavilion

Located on the south side of the hill, Changwan (afterglow) Pavilion will face southwest. It will have a low-pitched quadrangle design, with three sides of hollowed walls. A secluded sanctuary in the forest, it will offer tourists a moment of relaxation.

Both pavilions will be of reinforced concrete to meet aesthetic, economic, and climate conditions.

Not only will they serve as places for rest, they will also be ideal viewing platforms in Xianglu Bay to observe the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Sea & Sky (Haitian) Park, Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, new Zhuhai Museum, Zhuhai Opera House, Sea-View Deck, Mangrove Ecological Wetland, and Xiangshan and Jingshan parks.

Construction will be undertaken by Zhuhai Urban Construction Group Co.


Former and new Changwan Pavilion [Photos courtesy Zhuhai Daily]

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