District-wide cultural gala about to begin in Doumen

Updated: 2018-09-07

Culturally rich Doumen celebrates its 3rd Folk Art Festival from Sept 9 to Oct 28 with various shows, exhibitions and contests throughout the district.

The grand opening of annual event takes place at Yifeng Ecological Health Care Park in Lianzhou Town, the festival's main venue. It will culminate by floating out best wishes to 18 newlywed couples in an On-Water Wedding ceremony in Nan'ao Village, Baijiao Town.


Lion Dance

Throughout the festival, interactive competitions in officially recognized intangible cultural heritages involving craft skills, delicacies, and music will take turns attracting residents and tourists.

Each of five towns and a sub-district in Doumen will set up its own stage to showcase cultural glamour, according to Shen Junxiao, curator of the Doumen District Cultural Center.


Sacrificial Rites of Imperial Family

Doumen is famed for well-preserved traditional cultures and folk customs. It is currently home to more than 27 intangible cultural heritages including two at State level, six provincial, and 19 at municipal level. The need to protect those intangible assets is deeply rooted as more than 40 schools including kindergartens around Doumen have highlighted them. There are nearly 50 bases specially built for the young to learn and inherit a specific cultural skill through steady practice.


Shatian Folk Song


Dachikan Open Flame Roast Pork & Spare Ribs, a traditional food in Doumen [Photos by Zeng Yao / Zhuhai Daily]

Event schedule:

  • Cantonese Operatic Songs

7:30 pm, Sept 7

Mashan Cultural Square, Qianwu Town

3 pm, Sept 8

Lianzhou Town Cultural Activity Center

7:30 pm, Sept 9

Baijiao Village Cultural Square, Baijiao Town

7:30 pm, Sept 12

Xidi Park, Jing'an Town

  • Cultural legacy highlights

  • Farmer Boat Racing, Steering Dragon Boats, Dise Procession of Eight Immortals, On-Water Wedding, and Duck Catching

9:30-11:30 am, Sept 9

Xijiao Village, Lianzhou Town

  • Burning Bamboo Stick Incense on the 30th Day of the Seventh Lunar Month

7pm, Sept 9

Hengshan Village, Lianzhou Town

  • Sacrificial Rites of Imperial Family

10-11 am, Sept 15

Luyi Ancestral Hall and Jiexia Manor, Doumen Town

  • Training of Lianzhou Dise Procession

2:30-5 pm, Sept 15

Lianzhou Town Cultural Center

  • 7th Collective On-Water Wedding Ceremony

9:30 am, Oct 28

Nan'ao Village, Baijiao Town

  • Exhibitions

  • Photo Exhibition

Sept 9 (all day)

Yifeng Ecological Health Care Park, Lianzhou Town

  • Display of Food-Related Cultural Heritage

2:30-5 pm, Sept 9

Yifeng Ecological Health Care Park, Lianzhou Town

  • Publicity of Laws for Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Sept 9 (all day)

Yifeng Ecological Health Care Park, Lianzhou Town

  • Folk skill competitions

  • Fish Cage Weaving Contest

2:30-5 pm, Sept 9

Yifeng Ecological Health Care Park, Lianzhou Town

  • Lion Dance Contest:

2:30-5 pm, Sept 9

Yifeng Ecological Health Care Park, Lianzhou Town

  • The 6th Mudfish Catching Contest

2 pm, Sept 22

Shalong Sand Gushing Opening, west of Tsingtao Beer Brewery

  • 12th Shatian Folk Song Contest

9 am, Oct 23

Na'ao Village, Baijiao Town


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