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Banzhang Mt Forest Park

Updated: 2018-09-19

Banzhang is the highest mountain in urban Zhuhai at over 300 m above sea level. The height separates the highly developing Ningxi of New Xiangzhou from bustling Gongbei. The forest park was created in 1999, when 1,999 stone steps from the foot of the hill to the top platform were constructed to commemorate the return of Macao to China, with 1,999 pine trees planted along the way.


Overlooking Gongbei and Delta Bridge

Located at the junction of Lanpu and Yingbin roads off Jiuzhou Avenue, the forest park is an ideal venue for hill hiking and viewing the fascinating urban landscape. One can also have a clear sight of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge under white clouds and blue sky. With forest coverage of 80 percent, the mountain is rich in subtropical plants and generates ample negative air ions for hikers.


Bustling Gongbei area

Residents come up to the mountain for exercise and a great view from the platform on top overlooking New Xiangzhou, Gongbei, and Macao.


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