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Putuo Temple

Updated: 2018-10-11

Sited at the base of Fenghuang (Phoenix) Mt of Dongkeng Village in Qianshan, Putuo (Potalaka) Temple reproduces the 1:1 ratio of the Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism -- Mount Putuo in Zhejiang, Mount Jiuhua in Anhui, Mount Emei in Sichuan, and Mount Wutai in Shanxi – along the hillside of Fenghuang Mt range.



Styled ancient yellow-wall and black-tile-roof cornice architecture, Putuo Temple scenic spot houses delicately sculptured Buddha statues coated with 24k gold powder in the Main Shrine Hall and a 77-ton copper bell in the tower, suggesting the solemn divine atmosphere of Buddhism. Worshippers can burn incense to pay respect to the Buddha and offer prayers.


[Photos courtesy WeChat ID: ZHPTS01]

Covering an area of 400,000 sq m (40 hectare), the gardenlike spot encompasses archways, a pagoda forest, catering, shopping, pond, monks' domicile and other areas. A number of long-lived turtles in the pond delight visitors old and young.


Aerial view of Putuo Temple [Photo by Wen Yan]

Temple Abbot Mingsheng, who is also vice president of the Buddhist Association of China, led the 30-member Guangdong Buddhist Friendship Delegation to visit Sri Lanka in May 2012, tying the sister-temple knot for the Putuo Temple in Zhuhai and a temple in Colombo.

Address: 1888 Jinfeng Road

Buses 26, 36, 70, B9 


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