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Qianshan Civic Arts Center

Updated: 2018-10-15

Qianshan Civic Arts Center is the fifth of its kind in Xiangzhou District after ones in Shishan, Lian'an, Wanzai, Hongshan, and Qianshan Civic Art Center. It came into operation on Dec 12, 2018.

The 1,871-sq-m (half-acre) complex is located at 188 Yixian Road, Qianshan, in close proximity to three kindergartens, a primary school, and middle school. Nearby, Time Bookstore has already been opened.

Children and teenagers can take part in life-safety programs, anti-drug promotions, workshops, and other interactive activities at the Civic Life Popular Science Hall on the second floor.


Qianshan Civic Arts Center

The third floor will host Quyi (which describes Chinese folk arts such as storytelling, singing, and cross-talk), calligraphy studios, and a children's recreational area, workshop, and training room.

Qianshan Sub-district Party School of the CPC Central Committee and an Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall on the fourth floor will reveal Red history and the humanistic culture of the area.

The fifth floor contains a rehearsal hall, two rehearsal rooms, and lockers. Art salons related to films and ball games will be held on the terrace of the sixth floor.

Corridors of the art center will exhibit calligraphy works as well as intangible cultural heritage items such as Qianshan Phoenix-Rooster Dance and Cantonese Opera.


Calligraphy works


Children's recreational area [Photos courtesy Young Pai]


Address: 188 Yixian Road, Qianshan

Buses: 1, B9, 40, 60, 20, 13, 23, 201, 204, 16

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