Wanshan Island uses festivals to expand rock climbing

Updated: 2018-10-29

Zhuhai Lantian Sports agreed on Oct 23 to work with Wanshan Town of the Wanshan Marine Development Experimental Zone to stage a rock-climbing festival yearly through 2023.

The five-year festival will include not only rock climbing but also competitions, lectures on outdoor sports, an outdoor film festival, and training in high-altitude rescue.


Signing ceremony

Storm Angle in Wanshan has already become an outstanding climbing place. It consists of a 500-m (547-yd) crag separated from an isolated island by a small channel. Climbers reach the island using a ziptreck.

The yellow rock wall, at 15 m (16.4 yd), is quite vertical and offers angles of more than 90 degrees without any gravel. It belongs to quaternary glacial relics, according to a developer.

There are about 50 climbing routes provided with safety gear made of corrosion-resistant titanium. The routes have been featured in three local island climbing festivals.

Wanshan is the largest of 10 major islands in Zhuhai, located in south Wanshan Archipelago about 39 km (24 miles) southeast of Zhuhai. The twisted coastline coupled with sheer cliffs mostly on south and west banks peaking at 436 m (476 yd) set a challenge for rock climbers, according to a local official.


Storm Angle in Wanshan [Photos by Song Aihua / Zhuhai Daily]

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