Fly it, float it, drive it; AEE shows off futuristic vehicle

Updated: 2018-11-09

Shenzhen-based AEE Technology Inc is letting Airshow China spectators examine an aeroamphibious triphibian aircraft capable of taking off and landing on snow, water, sand, or hard surfaces.

The vehicle is also an automobile and speedboat, making it a standout at the biennial Zhuhai gathering of aviation and aerospace industry players.

Excelling in energy consumption and with better overall performance than flying cars, the multipurpose vehicle is a pioneering effort on the world stage, according to a company manager.


AEE triphibian aircraft [Photo by Cheng Lin / Zhuhai Daily]

The two-seat aircraft features an all-composite fuselage, dual operation systems, and automatic foldable wings that adjust with one click. It can be powered by hydrogen-electric or gas-electric hybrid engines and allows an additional 300 kg (661 lbs) to its gross weight, taking it up to 700 kg (1,543 lbs). Cruising speed is seen as 220 kmph (137 mph), and the range on land is 600 km (373 miles). Maximum air cruising distance is 1,500 km (932 miles).

The company predicts wide applications in transportation, emergency rescue, and sightseeing.


Coaxial rotor helicopter drone

AEE's 500 kg unmanned helicopter, also on display, has a coaxial rotor design to take off and land vertically. The world-leading technology realizes a maximum load of 280 kg, cruising range of 400 km (249 miles), maximum cruising speed of 220 kmph (137 mph) and altitude of 6,500 m (7,108 yd). It is designed for both military and civilian applications and can be used for short-distance transport, medical rescue, disaster relief, geological exploration, forest fire fighting, aerial photography, and other tasks.

Other exhibits include air robots, low-altitude drone defense systems, high-end intelligent photoelectric systems, and high-end carbon fiber products.

The company struck a strategic partnership with Zhuhai-headquartered China Aviation Industry General Aircraft (CAIGA) on Nov 8 to share aviation resources, jointly develop products, and conduct technological research based on capital cooperation.

The air show opened on Nov 6 in Jinwan District and will continue through Nov 11.


Hexacopter [Photos courtesy WeChat account: AEE_Tech]

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