Streets, sidewalks, crossings designated for upgrade


Updated: 2018-11-23

Improvements to 25 roads in Zhuhai's main urban area of Xiangzhou District were confirmed on Nov 21 with an allocation of 460-million-yuan ($66.4 million) for the project.

In all, 30 km (18.6 miles) of road are designated for repaving asphalt roadways and sidewalks, new curbstones, better traffic markings and signal lights, and smoother intersection connections.


Rendering of facelifted road [Photo courtesy Zhuhai Highway Bureau]

Some 360 million yuan ($52.0 million) will be spent on nine roads of four or more lanes with a combined length of 17.5 km (11 miles). They are: North Yingbin, Wenyuan, and Landun Road South Section in New Xiangzhou; Haibin and Bailian in Jida; Zhuhai Avenue Relief in Nanping; Lian'an and Gangyi in Gongbei; and Haihong in Old Xiangzhou.

With total length of 12 km (7.46 miles) and cost of 100 million yuan ($14.4 million), 16 roads with fewer than four lanes are also to be upgraded in Old and New Xiangzhou, Jida, and Gongbei.

The project is overseen by the Zhuhai Transportation Bureau and work will be done by Zhuhai Urban Construction Real Estate Development Co.

Other roads in the urban zone were similarly enhanced earlier this year. 

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