National fitness contest ideal match for Zhuhai island


Updated: 2018-12-04

Wailingding Island proved a perfect fit on Dec 1 as scores of muscular young men in trunks and curvaceous bikini-clad maidens competed in the South China Division of the 2018 Fitness Idols of China.

Many fitness enthusiasts arrived by ferry and helicopter as the online audience exceeded 500,000, bringing welcome attention to the Zhuhai vacation island.

The island beach of Wailingding was still warm for the 160 professional and amateur bodybuilders from Guangdong colleges and clubs and Macao sports associations.


Flexed in sunlight

It was this year's 13th and last division for the nationwide fitness competition, held on an island for the first time in the event's nine-year history. It had the largest scale, greatest number of participants, and longest duration of any such event in China.

Zhang Haifeng, chairman of the China Bodybuilding Association, commented: "In the future, we hope to further cooperate with Wanshan Marine Development Experimental Zone to let the fitness and bodybuilding events land on the island, so that the national fitness strategy of the country can be spread to all corners of the country."

Feng Shousong and Yu Chunye were named Mr Fitness and Miss Fitness. Quan Jiancheng placed first in both Group A of Men's Physique and in Group A for College Students. Chen Zhencong and Lin Zeyu placed tops in Group B of Men's Physique and Group B for College Students.

Meanwhile, Guo Jiexuan was the highest scorer in Bikini Fitness Group A while Huang Xinxin won Bikini Fitness Group B, Bikini for College Students, and Fit Butt titles. They will face greater challenges in the finals later this month in Beijing.


Colorful and well-built

The winners, together with contestants enjoying the most online popularity, were certified as the first Health & Tourism Ambassadors for Wailingding.

Accompanying the competition were an Academic Seminar on National Fitness, health-monitoring service, fitness instruction, and consulting.

The 2018 Fitness Idols of China for College Students was sponsored by China Sports Publications Corp and the Chinese Body-Building Association. The "Breakfast, Healthy Life" Competitor 2018 China Fitness Model (South China Station) Competition is sponsored by the Sports & Leisure College of Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus, Wailingding Island Tourism Resort, Traveling Town Tourism Association, Guangdong Fitness & Bodybuilding Association, and Health & Beauty magazine.


Upstaging each other


Top bodybuilders [Photos by Cheng Lin / Zhuhai Daily]

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