Harmonizing bridge to Yeli will be paved with granite


Updated: 2018-12-05

The major structure of the New Haiyan Bridge to Yeli Island will be paved with granite by next May and landscaped before being finalized in November.

Pile foundations were being set for the new bridge even while demolition of the old one continued in tandem over 370 m (404 yd).

Thirty percent of the engineering work has been completed, says the Zhuhai Transportation Bureau and Zhuhai Urban Construction Real Estate Development Co.


Rendering of Mingting Park Archway environs

The new pedestrian bridge will also serve as an emergency evacuation route from the island, which includes Zhuhai Opera House and Hi City. Its design will echo the graceful shape of a half-round viewing platform that is to be constructed around Mingting Park Archway on Central Lovers Avenue in Wanzaisha of Old Xiangzhou.

Demolition of the defunct old bridge began last August. The Xinyue (New Moon) Bridge facing Xianlie Road to the north of the island currently affords the only roadway link to Yeli.


Zhuhai Opera House moons over New Haiyan Bridge [Photos courtesy Zhuhai Daily]



Former bridge to Yeli coming down, new one going up

The New Haiyan Bridge will be built over the next 15 months as an upgraded pedestrian and light-vehicle gateway to Yeli Island.


Haiyan Bridge coming down, but not without say-so

The nostalgic but dangerous Haiyan Bridge from Mingting Park Archway on Mid-Lovers Avenue to Yeli Island is about to be demolished and replaced.

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