Archipelago tempts tourists with seafood specialties


Updated: 2018-12-05

The month-long Wanshan Archipelago Seafood Gourmet Season opened Dec 1 on Guishan Island, offering closeups with local customs and dock-to-table seafood.

Delicacies can be found at Blue Coast Old Guishan Diet Bar, Zhanjiang Restaurant, and Jiangxing and Xiongfeng seafood restaurants, which are frequented by locals. Specialties include Eel Paste Clay Pot, Bombay Duck With Salt & Pepper, Fried Cuttlefish Ball, and Hong Kong-Style Seafood Wontons.


Island tour

Starfish Holiday Hotel, meanwhile, prepares seafood hotpots with the freshest catch sent directly to the dinner table.

A delegation consisting of media juries and tourists conducted food appraisals and participated in a boating excursion, bonfire party, and mantis shrimp-shelling contest on opening day. 

The event, which is in its 3rd edition, is hosted by the Wanshan Tourism Association. This year, it focuses on local delicacies and new travel routes with a series of activities on Guishan, Wanshan, Wailingding, and Dong'ao islands.


Roomful of cheers


Sticking to conch


Reluctant delicacies [Photos courtesy Zhuhai Wanshan]

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