Where you can really make it -- Lets Cultural District


Updated: 2018-12-07

A unique-to-Zhuhai street block with an ever-expanding range of handicrafts opened on Dec 1 in Lets Cultural District. Visitors are given hands-on opportunities to craft ceramics, leather goods, and floral art.

Occupying 400 sq m (18 sq yd) is a multitude of creations made from wood, iron, leather, and cloth, as well as paintings, handmade jewelry, cultural curiosities, astrological items, and other novelties, creating an unusual and inviting atmosphere.

Lets, at 70 Daishan Road, Qianshan, is already home to eight handicraft artists while more are expected. Scheduled will be lectures, creative marketplaces, and other interactive activities, according to Zhou Xiaolei, head of Lets Cultural District.

 "You can make a favorite for yourself and your friends, and enjoy the fun of hand-made art," Zhou said.

Library also opens

The handicraft facility represents yet another cultural landmark for Zhuhai, as does the highly characteristic Xiangzhou District Library, which opened on the same day at Lets Cultural District. The library has more than 20,000 volumes and spots for reading, leisure, and salons. Open from 10 to 10 Tuesday-Friday, the library has a large public reading area, materials available on self-service machines, E-reading room, free Wi-Fi, phone chargers, and even reading glasses if needed. Borrowers can also conduct a self-service sterilization in a book sterilizer.


Reading area [Photo by Lu Zhanqing / Zhuhai Daily]

A third grand opening, that of the Xiangzhou Reading Alliance, also occurred on Dec 1. The alliance reportedly provides memberships to Spiritual Wealth and 11 other reading groups.


Handmade leather products


Craftsman polishes bangles


Floral beauty


Creative process [Photos provided by Lets Cultural District]

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