Myriad ways slated to bring in the New Year in Zhuhai


Updated: 2018-12-29

Carnivals, cycling, light shows, clowns, flowers, hot springs, and fireworks – even crocodiles -- are on a long list of celebrations that are heralding in the New Year throughout Zhuhai.

Top events for the holiday are:

Hengqin New Area

  • New Year's Carnival

Date: Through Wednesday, Jan 2

Location: Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort

The world-class theme park is transformed into a romantic fantasy world. Welcoming families, the entertainment package will provide an opportunity to see penguins waddle out of their homes. A huge party on New Year's Eve will combine the classic night show Ocean Resistance with fireworks and other performances.

  • Sumlodol Carnival Night

Date: Monday, Dec 31

Location: Sumlodol Hengqin Camping Town

The first-ever high-end, multi-functional RV campground in China will offer more than just RV fun – it will also provide special gourmet treats, barbecue, magic, clown performances, a New Year countdown party, and fireworks.

Xiangzhou District

  • Rainbow Run

Date: Tuesday, Jan 1

Location: Zhuhai Agricultural Paradise, Qianshan

Participants in a Rainbow Run will spray others with a colorful array of pigments. Also featured are electronic music, interactive games, and lucky draws.


Haibin Beach and Xianglu Bay [Photo provided by Zhuhai Tourism Development Center]

Doumen District

  • Flower Show

Date: Tuesday, Jan 1

Location: Shili Lianjiang Scenic Spot

More than 10 mu (1.6 acres) of flowers are blooming, including zinnia elegans, melampodium paludosum, and galsang. The variety of colors adds to the joyous atmosphere. Local specialties and B&Bs are available.

  • Temple Fair

Date: Tuesday, Jan 1

Location: Yu Wen Quan Imperial Hot Springs

In addition to many hot springs, visitors will also be treated to local delicacies, folk art performances, and interactive folk-custom activities.

  • Bubble Show

Time/date:8 am to 6 pm, Tuesday, Jan 1

Location: Crocodile Island

Visitors will be entertained with Bubble Magic and DIY Fun. Crocodile performances are offered along with a pig race.

Jinwan District

  • Cycling

Date:Monday, Dec 31

Location: Throughout Jinwan

Jinwan will send cyclists on a 52-km (32-mile) biking route to enjoy enchanting scenery. Cyclists will pass though or by Huatian Water Village, Damenkou Wetland Park, Mutouchong Reservoir, East Airport Road, Jinshan Park, and other sites. Food and water supplies are offered.

  • Hike for Charity

Date:Tuesday, Jan 1

Location: Jinwan

Participants will set off from Jinshan Park on a 13.8-km (8.6-mile) round-trip that passes through Jinhu Avenue, East Airport Road, #3 Water Gate, and Central River Wetland Park. Supplies will be offered along the way, and interactive activities and warm-up exercises are also scheduled.

  • Carnival

Date:Tuesday, Jan 1

Location: Jinwan

A creative market is full of exquisite handicrafts, avant-garde products, and unique home appliances made by 30 artisans. An interactive entertainment park, food street, photo exhibit, and more are also slated. Not-to-be-missed is a level-based game composed of various challenges and special prizes.


East Airport Road in Jinwan  

  • Light Show

Time/date:4 – 11 pm, through Wednesday, Jan 3

Location: Huatian Water Village

Spectacular effects will illuminate the 500 mu (82 acres) of the ecological park.

  • Aviclub Adventure

Date:Monday, Dec 31

Location: Aviclub

Aviclub near Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport is welcoming visits to aircraft assembly lines. Aviclubs in China offer youth aviation schooling and promote aviation science to the public. Lectures on the industry are on tap along with a bit of pilot training. 

  • Nutrition Exploration


Location: By-Health Transparent Factory, Sanzao Science & Technology Industrial Park

Admission is free to groups of more than 10. Tickets must be reserved three days in advance. Hotline: 13825663065.


Huatian Water Village Light Show in Jinwan [Photos by Zhang Zhou / Zhuhai Daily]

Wanshan Marine Development Experimental Zone

  • New Year's Eve Party

Date: Monday, Dec 31

Location: Guishan Island

Blue Coast B&B is holding a camp fire, barbecue buffet, singing contest, and dumpling feast.

  • Treasure Hunt

Date: Monday, Dec 31 to Tuesday, Jan 1

Location: Gree Dong'ao Hotel

Families will participate in ocean-themed treasure hunts.

  • Discounted Island Tours

Date: Beginning Tuesday, Jan 1

Locations: Xiangzhou, Hengqin, and Shekou (Shenzhen) ports

Permanent residents of Zhuhai's islands (non-native) are eligible for a 50 percent discount off ferry tickets while Zhuhai-registered citizens will receive 20 percent off. The first luxury catamaran high-speed passenger vessel offers a first-class cruise experience.

Gaolan Port Economic Zone

  • 2nd Zhuhai Ocean Spring China International Hot Spring Festival

Date: Through Monday, Jan 20

Location: Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort, Pingsha Town

Hot springs and entertainment from throughout the country are combined with merchandise discounts, lavish culinary delights featuring foreign specialties, themed suites, fireworks, cultural performances, and special holiday treats.

Learn more at Europe and Asia come together at Zhuhai's hot springs.

  • New Year's Day Celebration

Date: Monday, Dec 31 and Tuesday, Jan 1

Location: Hebao Island, Gaolan Archipelago

The island has 12 beaches, scenic spots, tropical rainforest, and valleys. Activities include swimming,  rock angling, and beach soccer. Scan the QR code to enter the lucky draw organized by the Zhuhai Hebao Island Tourism Development to win free nights in a hotel, KTV tickets, coupons, and a 50 percent discount on travel tickets.

  • 2018 Guangdong (Zhuhai) Seed Expo

Time/date: 9 am to 5 pm, through Wednesday, Jan 12

Location: Taiwan Farmers Venture Park

Hundreds of kinds of horticultural plants and advanced techniques for breeding bouquet seeds are shown along with the latest vegetable, flower, fruit, corn, and orchid achievements in the modern seed industry.

Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

  • Community Chess Match

Time/date: 9 am, Tuesday

Location: Jinding Civil Arts Center, Tangjiawan

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