Hengqin gains world attention for martial arts fighting


Updated: 2019-01-07

China's leading martial arts TV program Wu Lin Feng broadcast a 15-battle tournament at the Hengqin International Tennis Center on Jan 2 in which the major fight was between an Asian and African.

The longest running martial arts program in China, Wu Lin Feng (武林风) is a hybrid martial arts competition televised by Henan Television. Its ever-increasing international profile has attracted K-1 fighters, mixed martial arts professionals, Muay Thai fighters, and Wushu (Chinese Kungfu) and Sanda (or Sanshou combat ) practitioners.

The Jan-2 WLF match was the highest level of such an event in Zhuhai history. Leading up to it, Hengqin last year hosted 16 clubs in 120 bouts over 11 days of fighting toward the Chin Woo Men's club and individual championships.

This time, Fu Gaofeng from Shandong Province defeated Januda Cruz from the Republic of Guinea at 1:45 of the first round, taking home the KO Award and 10,000 yuan ($1,460) in prize money.


Martial arts at Hengqin [Photo by Zhu Xi / Zhuhai Daily]

The high-powered lineup also included Wosik Denis from Germany, Hamza Essalih from Morocco, and Yang Yang and Wang Pengfei from China who competed in 60kg, 65kg, 58kg, 80kg and other classes. Their common goal was to win a trophy or even obtain a WLF gold belt.

The Hengqin event brand is jointly operated by Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Culture & Media, Guangdong Tuoxiang Sports & Culture Industry, Henan WeiZheng Sports, and Huafa Sports Operations & Management.


Opening ceremony


KO winner Fu Gaofeng [Photos courtesy WeChat account: huafatiyu]

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