City proactively tackles personal needs of its residents


Updated: 2019-01-24

From public bus routes to school meals and ferries to gardens, the city of Zhuhai will become even more caring of its residents and attractive to visitors during the year 2019.

The 7th Session of the 9th Zhuhai Municipal People's Congress was informed on Jan 22 that to start there would be 10 more bus routes and 500 additional pure-electric buses in operation this year for more-expedient cross-district bus rapid transit.

Offshore, mainland-to-island public transit will see routes extended and ferries added. A 20 percent fare discount will also be implemented.

In the meantime, after-school on-campus services will be made available for primary school pupils. On offer will be breakfast, lunch, and daycare at 70 percent of the primary schools that have established the required conditions.

Speaking of nutrition, 18 trial canteens will be set up at residential communities citywide to provide communal lunches or meal deliveries for the elderly. Those with proper facilities can also supply daily care for the aged.


Canteens for the aged put on work agenda [Photo courtesy]

For fresh-produce shoppers, equipment-dilapidated or substandard farm markets will be renovated for a cozier, cleaner, and more-hygienic environment at each one.

Home cooking, meanwhile, will benefit from an additional 40 km of natural gas pipelines being laid for 40,000 households in older residential areas.

Regarding public safety, there will be heightened disaster prevention, reduction, and rescue capabilities. With focus on 103 hidden geologic hazard sites, contingency rescue forces will be assigned, and disaster relief equipment replenished.

In addition to that, some police stations will be remodeled while three are reconstructed. Meanwhile, "smart" police stations will be developed quickly, and window services made a priority at administrative service centers at various levels.

Moreover, medical care information assistance will be enhanced with easier access to health services. Coming are a universal health e-code for each patient, cyber check on personal e-health archive and e-case history, cellphone-based appointments and physical checkup reviews, one-stop group consultation, and online-offline health consultation, chronic disease follow-up, and remote guidance. These will be available at second-grade public hospitals throughout the city.

Finally, work on gardening and maintenance levels will be escalated and park environments improved. Trees on trunk roads will be well trimmed and public green spaces well cared for. And, along Central Lovers Avenue in Jida, the Xianglu Bay Urban Balcony will come under construction.


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