Flying ICU speeds emergency care at Renmin Hospital


Updated: 2019-01-30

Zhuhai People's Hospital (Renmin Yiyuan) now has the services of a helicopter intensive care unit (ICU) forming a Zhuhai-centered "Golden-Hour" life-rescue network within 150 km (93 miles) of the city.

Arrangements for the Helicopter Air Ambulance were cemented with Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation on Jan 23. The Kingwing helicopter is equipped with rapid blood-sugar test devices, monitors, breathing machines, and stretchers.

The ICU helicopter can be used to transport organs, medical experts, patients with critical or refractory diseases, those requiring high-quality and immediate medical care, or people scheduled for organ transplant. The Kingwing's smooth performance benefits patients who cannot tolerate turbulence.


Emergency medical helicopter [Photo by Zhao Zi / Zhuhai Daily]

A trans-provincial transfer, which takes at least five hours by ambulance, is cut to one hour or so with the helicopter.

As a dedicated emergency medical service (EMS), helicopter transport is considered the most effective means of emergency rescue.

Zhuhai People's Hospital will allocate chief physicians and paramedics to an air emergency rescue squad and provide regular training. Headquartered in Wanzaisha of Old Xiangzhou, Zhuhai Renmin Yiyuan is a top-rated Grade-III Class-A comprehensive medical institution. 


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