Romantic colors waltz in glow of Lovers Ave


Updated: 2019-01-30


Zhuhai's Lovers Avenue was vibrantly presented to the world as billions admired the romantic coastline during the CCTV Spring Festival Gala marking the Year of the Dog. Since then, the lighting of Yeli Island, Central Lovers Avenue, Xianglu Bay, Haibin Beach (City Parlor), and beyond has become even more imaginatively appealing. 




Hi City and Zhuhai Opera House from several angles 

Today, or more appropriately tonight, the two scallops of Zhuhai Opera House, the adjacent Hi City recreation-commercial complex, Tourist Center of Yeli Island, and auxiliary buildings glow with splendor and sleek modernity. 


Glowing with splendor and modernity 

Warm yellow glows along the graceful avenue add sensuous touches to the evenings. Strollers meander safely in view as the Fisher Maiden statue, hands raised with a majestic pearl, comes to life in illumination designed to animate the tourist symbol of the City of Romance.


Fisher Maiden statue


Lovers Avenue near Gongbei 


Xianglu Bay Beach 


Melancholy morning


Enchanting evening [Photos by Li Jianshu, Wu Changfu, Zhu Zehui, Tang Xiaoyu]

Picturesque by day, Zhuhai's famous seaside avenue is enthralling residents and visitors alike by night, revealing a heartwarming city of many hues.

Lovers Avenue in Xiangzhou District is not alone in illuminating the romance of Zhuhai at night. East Airport Road, also known as Jinwan District's Lovers Avenue, has added 6,000 lights along the broadway.


Lighting with exquisite landscape designs

The 6.4-km coastal stretch of high-rise apartments inland and wide waterfront landscape is a favorite setting for leisure and recreation.


Football pitches at night


Captivating ground lighting [Photos by Zhang Zhou]

And so, the lamps are not merely for esthetics. For enjoyment and safety, they are placed high on poles, in trees, lower in gardens and on lawns, inground along footpaths, and along handrails.

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