Jinwan celebrates Spring Festival in traditional manner


Updated: 2019-02-01

Folk customs, countryside leisure activities, parent-child entertainment, and nutrition are on Jinwan District's traditional playbill for Spring Festival.

Huatian Water Village

Grand shows Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Feb 5-7 at Huatian Water Village (花田水乡) will mix folk customs with lion and dragon dances. Also on tap are artistic performances by college and university students, and sports and fun activities on the farm. The admission price is discounted to 30 yuan ($4.50) to encourage wide participation.


Lion dancers

Lantern Festival

A Joyous Party will be held Sunday, Feb 17 when Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the Lunar Year. The first full moon marking the end of the holiday period will be celebrated with culture exhibits, intangible heritage performances, hiking, parent-child activities, DIY rice dumplings, and riddles. Some may tour the By-Health Transparent Factory for nutrition-related knowledge.


Crane Dance

Other events include:

Sanzao Town Lion Dance

9 am, Tuesday, Feb 5

Weimin Plaza, Sanzao Town (三灶镇伟民广场)

Hongqi Town Garden Party

Tuesday, Feb 5

Hongqi Cultural Plaza (红旗文化广场)


Self-made dumplings


Lofty dragon [Photos courtesy WeChat ID: jwwtlyj]



Spring Festival 2019 up close and personal with nature

Residents and tourists can celebrate the Chinese New Year at Zhuhai attractions with dolphins, upon or even within the sea, immersed in hot springs or surrounded by flowers.


City parks greet Year of the Pig with carpets of flowers

The abundant aroma of hundreds of thousands of blossoms has infused Zhuhai with the fragrant air of spring.


Doumen's rural charm beckons families for New Year's

A sojourn to the Doumen District countryside this holiday week will open up a world of family fun, sightseeing, exhibits, delicacies, and cozy B&Bs.

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