It pays to manufacture top-quality products in Jinwan


Updated: 2019-02-21

Jinwan's Superior-Quality (Industrial) Product Recommendation Catalog, which already lists 341 brands from 98 enterprises, is accepting further applications from Feb 18-22. An award of 30,000 yuan ($4,460) will be made for newly listed item.

Annual rewards to each product manufacturer are not to exceed 300,000 yuan ($44,630). The products, after being registered on a designated website, will be prioritized for procurement by Jinwan District enterprises and organizations. If the purchase value is 500,000 yuan ($74,390) or higher, then 5 percent will be subsidized up to 3 million yuan ($446,340) a year, according to the rules.

Catalog compilation measures published last October specify that Jinwan (excluding Gaolan Port) should be both the place of registration of the applicants’ businesses and the domain of tax liability. They should also conduct operations and have an independent legal personality in Jinwan.


Drones by Yuren Agricultural Aviation recommended

Only self-owned Jinwan products qualify for the catalog. Also eligible are those commissioned by Jinwan enterprises to be produced in other areas but sold as Jinwan brands with taxation paid and output value counted in the district.

Furthermore, products should meet one of the following requirements: "Be certified as a China's Well-known Trademark, Guangdong Famous Brand, or National Geographical Indication product" or "corresponding products of enterprises leading the formulation or revision of national, industry, or local standards."

Meanwhile, products that have obtained national, provincial, or municipal scientific or technical awards also qualify, as do those titled Guangdong High-Tech Product. 

Overdue employee payments, penalties for environmental damages, and other forms of misconduct lead to disqualification.


Zhuhai Gotech Intelligent Technology listed [Photos by Zhang Zhou / Zhuhai Daily]

The first stage of application began last Nov 1. Comprehensive studies and investigations, solicitations of opinions, and rigorous augmentation resulted in the strict rules.

The scope of applications will be expanded slightly in the future in accordance with adjustments in qualification requirements, according to a local official. It will diversify its products, strengthen innovation capacity, and help create more successful enterprises in Jinwan.


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