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Financial firms to reap millions for choosing Tangjiawan


Updated: 2019-03-07

The Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone will reward newly arrived incorporated financial institutions with up to 18 million yuan ($2.7 million) and their branches 3 million yuan ($447 thousand) in funding. Other new financial entities featuring a new operation model could also receive grants of up to 3 million yuan.

The Tangjiawan zone's recent supportive measures to facilitate the financial industry were explained to representatives of 44 institutions in person on March 5. The companies were attracted by the vibrant business environment and have already benefited somewhat from policy incentives.


Policy introduction [Photo by Song Xianhui / Zhuhai Daily]

The latest measures cover incentives for entities and economic contributors, office housing, talents, and investments and expenses. Employees can be rewarded up to 100 percent in proportion to economic contributions to the Hi-Tech Zone in the previous year. The maximum for a single equity investment management institution is 3 million yuan.

Application requirements for loans and other assistance for innovative and entrepreneurship projects were also detailed at the event.

The Hi-Tech Zone has also issued guidelines for financial support for technology-based SMEs and procedures to encourage enterprises to go public or list on the New Third Board. 

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