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Doumen Jianfeng Mt Forest Park


Updated: 2019-03-21

Covering 171 hectares (422.6 acres) in the south of the Doumen urban areas, the Jianfeng Mt Forest Park (尖峰山森林公园) confronts the Baiteng Lake Tourist City across the Huangyang River.

With the main peak of 186 m (610 ft), the lush green stretches of the mountain offers hill hiking trails and five rest pavilions along the way in the provincial park. An ancient Endospermum Benth, a leaf-shedding tree estimated to be 500 years old, stands out among others.


Jianfeng Mt Forest Park [File photo]

Swarms of local residents come up to the hilltop at Double Ninth Festival (Chong Yang Jie), the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, implying to climb to a higher position in health, happiness and prosperity in one's life.

One can also go hiking to the evergreen hilltop for a bird's-eye view of the entire western region of the city.

Location: Urban area of Jing'an Town, Doumen District 斗门区井岸镇城区

Transportation: Buses 303, 307, 405, 502, 601b, 602a, 602, and get off at the West Jianfeng Bridge 尖峰桥西站下车

Address: Doumen Zhufeng Avenue

Buses: 303, 307, 405, 502, 601b, 602a, 602


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