Doumen embellishes May with stuff for all five senses


Updated: 2019-04-08

Delights for the pallet and feasts for the eyes are in store as Doumen District prepares for the four-day May Day holiday. Slated are culinary delicacies, cultural performances, rural fun, dragon boats, singing competition, exhibitions, and a temple fair.

4th Hakka Culture & Gourmet Festival

Varieties of authentic Hakka food will be served at farmhouses in Xiashan Village along with regionally characterized performances. Hakka culture activities will be accompanied by photo contests and games. Plenty of stalls will peddle products and green produce in the Folk Art Experience, Specialty, and Souvenir zones.


Xiashan delicacy

May 1-4

Xiashan Village, Baijiao Town (白蕉镇虾山村)

Cantonese Operatic Songs

Cantonese Operatic Songs are a local folk legacy and key part of Lingnan culture. Performers will present a repertoire of classic Doumen operatic songs. 


Cantonese Opera

Month of May

Xidi Park, Jing'an Town (井岸镇西堤公园)

Shopping festival

Xinmin Road in Jing'an Town is a district commercial center for Doumen specialties along with commodities and delicacies from across the country.

Month of May

Jing'an Pedestrian Street (井岸步行街)

1st Xijiang Qinghe Mulberry Leaf Grass Carp Festival

Mulberry Leaf Grass Carp is a favourite Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao dish. Recognisable by slight gold appearance and tight meat, it has a silky texture and lacks the intense olfactory experience associated with some of the region's other fish dishes. On top of that, it's rich in collagen, amino acids, and absorbable calcium. 


Mulberry Leaf Grass Carp

The 1st Mulberry Leaf Grass Carp Festival will be held on Qinghe Farm where Chinese and Western chefs from the Pearl River Delta region will cook their own interpretations of the signature dish.

Mulberry Leaf Grass Carp cooking classes, a corridor exhibiting Xijiang River ecological culture, food feast of four traditional Lianzhou cuisines, and family-friendly garden tours will be available.

May 1-4

Qinghe Farm, Dongwan Village, Lianzhou Town (莲洲镇东湾村清荷农场)

Shiyiren Fun Labor Week

Shiyiren Pitaya Farm will roll out weeding, insect-catching, and forestalling-answer activities with gift grabs. Visitors can also try their hand at making dragon fruit ice-creams and enzymes in true May Day spirit. 


Planting time in Doumen

May 1-4

Shiyiren Pitaya Farm (十亿人有机火龙果庄园)

Doumen Dragon Boat Culture Festival & Launch Ceremony of 7th Civic Sports Festival

As Zhuhai natives and out-of-towners paddle intensely to win dragon boat races, dragons will dance, and cultural performances go on while photographs are exhibited featuring the dragon boat culture itself.


Dragon boat race [Photos courtesy Doumen Tourism WeChat ID: dmlvyoujv]

May 19

Jing'an Xidi Park (井岸西堤公园)

"Wangshan Flavor" Culture & Gourmet Festival

With a history of nearly 100 years, Wangshan Village is the "Living Fossil of Lingnan Residential Architecture During the Qing Dynasty." Visitors can sample indigenous snacks while admiring folk arts such as Catching Mudfish, Lion Dance, and the Gong & Drum Cabinet, also known as a Bayin (Eight-Note) Cabinet.

Month of May

Wangshan Village, Qianwu Town (乾务镇网山村)

Photo Exhibition

Beautiful sceneries and memorable moments are featured in a photo exhibition for those intrigued by the history of the Doumen area.

Month of May

Doumen Museum (斗门博物馆)

Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition

Calligraphy and painting lovers of Doumen will showcase their works throughout the month, with collections emphasizing China's natural and urban scenery as well as Doumen's ecology, culture, and tourism.  

Month of May

Doumen Culture Hall (斗门文化馆)

One-to-One Operatic Art

Reputed opera maestros in Doumen come on stage with apprentices to promote the inheritance of the folk art.

Month of May

Square in front of Doumen Sports Center (斗门区体育馆广场)

Temple fair

Month of May

Doumen Old Street (斗门旧街)

32th Doumen Teenage & Children Art Show

April to May

Doumen Gymnasium (斗门区体育馆)

8th Doumen Youth Singer Competition

Month of May

Doumen Youth Activity Center (斗门青少年宫)

Join in

Followers admire sea goddess on Big Wanshan Island

Piquing Interest

World piano, violin prodigies to vie for Mozart honors

Living Here

Leisure park underway near village cultural heritages
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