Gigantic gas-rig structure being towed to S China Sea


Updated: 2019-04-12

The DF13-2CEPB offshore gas platform superstructure departed Zhuhai's Gaolan Port on April 10 for operations in the Yingge Sea Basin in the western part of the South China Sea.

Larger than a soccer field, the 17,247-ton topside is the second-largest of its kind in the country and is said to weigh as much as 10,000 passenger cars. It is carried by the Hai Yang Shi You 229, Asia's largest barge at 234.7 m (256.7 yd) long, 65 m (71 yd) in breadth, and 14.25 m (15.6 yd) in depth.


DF13-2CEPB topside [Photo by Zhang Zhou / Zhuhai Daily]

The barge laden with gas-rig superstructure departed at 10.30 am towed by five powerful tugboats from Gaolan Port. Wary of winds, waves, and other sea conditions, the Zhuhai Maritime Safety Administration had established plans, made desktop deductions, and imposed strict control over the waters.

Coast Guard Vessels 09172 and 09173 are escorting the topside all the way to the DF13-2 gas fields of the South China Sea, which are expected to release 43,400 barrels of oil-equivalent per day at peak levels.

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