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Ninestar park adds to Gaolan's electronic info cluster


Updated: 2019-04-15

Construction of Ninestar's futuristic manufacturing base in the Gaolan Port Economic Zone of Zhuhai commenced on April 11 with first-phase completion projected by 2021.

Ninestar Laser Printer Hi-Tech Equipment & Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park l covers 90 hectares (222 acres). It is expected to produce 4 million laser printers yearly with an output value of more than 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion). Located at Gaolan in Pingsha Town of Jinwan District, this first-of-its-kind project in China attracted 9 billion yuan ($1.34 billion) in investments.


Large-scale Ninestar project 

The industrial park will utilize advanced intelligent manufacturing and logistics concepts. There will be research, production, office, and living facilities that lay a foundation for global expansion, according to Ninestar chairman Wang Dongying.

Zhao Shijian, director of the Gaolan Port Economic Zone Administrative Committee, expects Ninestar to bring breakthroughs in core technologies and help Gaolan gain the upper hand in future economic markets.


Conceptual design [Photos courtesy Zhang Zhou / Zhuhai Daily]

According to Zhao, electronic information suppliers Meiko, Suntak, Kingown, and Edadoc have clustered at Gaolan in recent years as a rising pillar industry. The overarching goal is for Gaolan to become a marine economic zone and coastal industrial new city, according to Zhao.

Founded in 2002 as Apex Technology in Nanping Town of Xiangzhou District and equipped with a complete industrial line, Ninestar Corp is now one of the largest printing supply manufacturers in the world. It makes printers of various categories and provides output solutions and managed print services. Its self-developed Pantum, China's first laser printer with independent core technology, is often purchased in key domestic fields.

The company acquired Lexmark International, a renowned American laser printer manufacturer, in 2016, thereby augmenting innovation capacity and sales performance.

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