Blasting shuts down Banzhang Tunnel for brief times


Updated: 2019-04-15

Motorists are being banned from using Banzhang Mt tunnels between Gongbei and Ningxi for five or six minutes at a time during twice-daily blasting in new passages starting Saturday, April 13.

Blasting will occur between 10 and 11 am, and either 2:30-3:30 pm or 8:30-9:30 pm during non-rush hours depending on traffic levels.

Notices of the time adjustments have been posted at nearby residential communities and on arterial roads. Additional traffic wardens have also been assigned at the tunnel entrances on South and North Yingbin roads.


New tunnel

So far, about 1.3 km (.8 miles) have been drilled on the single two-way slow-traffic passage and two new dual-lane tunnels on each side of the current Banzhang Mt Tunnel. The residential impact of blasting is relatively lessened now that the work is deep inside the mountain.

Protective baffles and portieres have been set up to keep flying rocks inside the holes. A 6-m (20-ft) acoustic panel, mist cannon machines, and watering carts also minimize dust and noise pollution. Digital electronic detonators use the most advanced technology in the country and have a low error rating.


Protective hanging portieres [Photos by Chen Ying / Zhujiang Evening Post]

Upon completion in late 2020, the additional roadways will allow a maximum speed of 60 kmph (37 mph). Together with the current tunnels, they will form dual eight-lane passages, breaking gridlocks on Yingbin Road and alleviating traffic pressure downtown. The slow-traffic passage is reserved for cyclists and pedestrians.

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