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Mark Clayton named laureate for CTC charity efforts


Updated: 2019-04-15

Come Together Charity's' founding board member Mark Clayton of Zhuhai has become a 2019 Peace Laureate upon receiving the Sino-Phil Asia International Peace Award in the Field of Philanthropy, it was announced on April 11.

Clayton said at a Gala Award Ceremony held last month in Manila that: "It recognises the continued hard work that everyone in the CTC has done over the years to benefit underprivileged children in South China and will make all of us in the community Come Together and work even harder to give all children the best start in life that we can."


Mark Clayton steps forward to receive award in Manila [Photo provided to]

Hailing from Hexham, England, Clayton came to China in 2005. Advanced in Mandarin, he is chief financial officer at China2 West Services in Jida, a member of the Executive Committee of the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong, and co-owner of The London Lounge in Qianshan.

Clayton has been part of CTC since 2011. Its annual Come Together Charity Music Festival has raised over $250,000 with zero administrative fees to help thousands of underprivileged school kids, orphans, and autistic children.

The most recent CTC event occurred last Nov 17 at the LETS Cultural District's Live House in Qianshan. The next and 8th Annual Come Together Charity Music Festival will be held in Zhuhai on Nov 16.

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