Hengqin platform first to protect intellectual property


Updated: 2019-05-16

The first-of-its-kind intellectual property protection pilot platform in the country was launched by the Hengqin International Intellectual Property Exchange (HIPEX) on April 26, the 19th World Intellectual Property Day.

IPTM (iptm.7ipr.com), allows users to protect, trace, and deliver their original works while relying on core technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data. Services for design, utility model, and invention patent application, copyright, and trademark registration, plus legal rights safeguards are also on offer.

According to project head Zhang Beinuan, the protection gives works legal validity from their moment of birth. An all-day monitoring on infringement can be realized via tracing targeted photos throughout the Internet. 


Release conference [Photo courtesy nanfangplus]

Meanwhile, the works are delivered to recipients via web links, which prevents their being copied, screenshot, downloaded and printed. In case of infringement, owners can one-click download the copyright protection certificates, provide proof, and safeguard their rights.

So far, the platform has already forged strategic partnerships with China Unicom, China Telecom, Sangfor Technologies, www.enetop.com, Kingdonn, and Goscien. It also intends to cooperate with Chinese tech giant Huawei in cloud computing and blockchains.

A collection of artists, including Lu Jun, creator of digital Chinese ink painting; Liu Zijian, vice president of China New Ink Art Academy; and He Hao of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, signed with IPTM for its service the same day.    

HIPEX was established by Zhuhai Financial Investment Group, Hengqin Financial Investment Co and Hengqin Development Co in 2014 as a public service platform piloting IP finance innovation and transactions.


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