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Zhuhai-linked superyacht builder among world top 20


Updated: 2019-05-16

Heysea is the only Chinese manufacturer listed 16th by Boat International Media among the Top 30 Yacht Builders by Length in its latest Global Order Book. The Jiangmen company, which operates Zhuhai Heysea Yacht Manufacturing, is developing a site in the Pingsha Yacht Industrial Zone of Jinwan District.

The annual report is based on last year's deposit-paid orders of yachts with a length of 80 ft or more. It is considered to be the most influential "wind vane" in the yacht industry.

Heysea Yachts ranked first domestically and 16th worldwide, with 20 super yachts under construction totaling a length of 400 m (437 yd). It has made the list for four consecutive years since 2014 but this is the first time to crack the top 20.

Founded in 2007, Heysea is committed to the R&D and manufacture of luxury and super yachts. Its products boast an increasingly wide sales network covering Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, and Malta.

The company has invested 240 million yuan ($35 million) in building a mega luxury yacht project in Pingsha Town. Upon completion, the advanced facility is expected to manufacture 33 yachts and 17 sailboats annually. 


Heysea yacht [Photo courtesy]

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