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Cultural heritage events slated in each Zhuhai district


Updated: 2019-05-29

Century-old intangible cultural heritages will be cherished and displayed throughout Zhuhai in the days approaching and following June 8 to mark China Cultural & Natural Heritage Day.

Exhibitions and performances of On-Water Wedding, Sanzao Crane Dance, dragon and lion dances, as well as inheritance activities are scheduled.


On-Water Wedding

Main venue

June 2

Launch ceremony

Jiexia Manor, Nanmen Village, Doumen Town (斗门区斗门镇南门村接霞庄)

Xiangzhou District

June 6

Promotions and exhibitions of 2019 Xiangzhou Cultural & Natural Heritage Day

Xiangzhou Cultural Square in Ningxi (柠溪香洲文化广场)

July 1

Intangible cultural heritages enter community

Guangchang Community, Nanping Town (南屏镇广昌社区)

Jinwan District

June 6

Dragon boat race

Sanban Village, Hongqi Town (红旗镇三板村)

June 6

Cantonese Opera & intangible cultural heritage exhibition

Sanban Village, Hongqi Town (红旗镇三板村)

640.webp (1)_副本.jpg

Sanzao Crane Dance [Photos courtesy WeChat account: zhuhaiwtl]

Doumen District

June 6

Lion and dragon dances, Buddhist Boxing

Xintang Elementary School, Jing'an Town (井岸镇新堂小学)

June 9

Inheritance activity of Hushan Jinchao Pipa Duck

Hushan Village, Qianwu Town (乾务镇虎山村)

June 9

Inheritance activity of Burning Bamboo Stick Incense on the 30th day of the Seventh Lunar Month

Hengshan Senior Cultural Center, Lianzhou Town (莲洲横山老人文化中心)

June 9

Inheritance activity of On-Water Wedding, performance of Shatian Folk Song

Hengshan Senior Cultural Center, Lianzhou Town (莲洲横山老人文化中心)

June 9

Inheritance activity of Dachikan Open Flame Roast Pork & Spareribs

Dachikan Village, Doumen Town (斗门镇大赤坎村)

Hengqin New Area

June 2

Promotions and exhibitions of Hengqin Cultural & Natural Heritage Day

Hengqin Cultural Center and Fuxiang Bay Civic Arts Center (横琴文化站和富祥湾市民艺术中心)

Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

June 7

10th Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival & Qi'ao Dragon Boat Festival blessing parade

Qi'ao Island (淇澳岛)

Sept 13

Jishan Cow Song Mid-Autumn Festival Antiphonal Singing Fair

Jishan Community, Tangjiawan Town (唐家湾鸡山社区)


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