Yeli Island's crowning pavilions rebuilt and reopened


Updated: 2019-06-11

High on the peaks of Yeli Island, the Chengxi and Changwan pavilions reopened just in time to provide panoramic city views and traditional structural aesthetics for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

The pavilions were included in the massive post-disaster restoration and reconstruction campaign following Typhoon Hato that devastated the city in July 2017, costing 4.86 million yuan ($701,200) in repairs. They had been built in 2007 when Yeli was known as Mingting (Famous Pavilion) Park.


Chengxi Pavilion

The two-tiered Chengxi (Holding Morning Sunglow) Pavilion on the north side of the central mountain has been enlarged. A traditional wooden hexagonal structure with a pedestal and overhanging eaves allow visitors to capture colorful sunrises and enjoy expansive island vistas to the east. A path following the terrain has been created to connect the pavilion with Yeli Park roads.

On the other side, the south-facing Changwan (Chanting in Twilight) Pavilion is about 20 minutes' hike from Chengxi Pavilion. The design harbors the essence of Chinese freehand brushwork (scholarly painting) by adopting a low-pitched quadrangle structure with three sides of hollowed walls. Black bricks and gray tiles add to the tranquil and secluded elegance.


Changwan Pavilion

Both pavilions provide places to sit and unobstructed views of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (6 km (3.7 miles) away), Sea & Sky (Haitian) Park, Zhuhai Opera House, new Zhuhai Museum & Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, and Xiangshan and Jingshan parks.  

The pavilions have become part of the enjoyable scenery, says Hu Xiaoyu, chief engineer of Zhuhai Urban Construction Group Co.

A professional design team led by masters including Professor Lin Zhaozhang, a well-known Lingnan-style architect, determined the overall presentation. Climate and wind direction were considered. 


Yeli Island

The results illustrate the spirit of craftsmanship and reflect Zhuhai's city management style, according to the Natural Resources Bureau. Even the stylized Chinese characters on gold-gilded plaques contain a highly detailed level of calligraphy work.

But this time the pavilions are constructed of reinforced concrete and wood to withstand typhoons as severe as Hato, according to a designer.

Yeli Island is to become a demonstration park focusing on pastoral delicacy. Landscapes feature rapeseed flowers, cosmos, spider flowers, and Chinese redbuds.


Ornamental flower bed [Photos by Zhong Fan / Zhuhai Daily]



Sturdier, esthetic pavilions to be rebuilt on Yeli Island

Chengxi and Changwan pavilions on Yeli Island, which were severely damaged by typhoons last summer, will be rebuilt to reflect the strengths of traditional Chinese pavilions in the context of panoramic views and hillside scenery.

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