New look and feel as Haibin Park faces fourth decade


Updated: 2019-06-12

Landscapes are being enhanced and boardwalks restored in celebration of Haibin Park's 40th anniversary. The initial restoration part of the full makeover will be completed by the end of this month.

Eight silver date palms now line the entrance on Haibin Road in Jida of Xiangzhou District, and 5,500 sq m (1.4 acres) of lawn have been replaced with Taiwanese grass.

The park will be further adorned with spider flowers, sage, and hydrangea amid pinwheels and decorative stones. Most of the new trees will be hardy countryside species.


Haibin Park entrance

Meanwhile, nearly 2,000 m (2,187 yd) of cement lanes will be paved with asphalt, and more than 10,000 sq m (2.5 acres) will be marked in red and black to distinguish fast and slow paths.

In the next phase, an Agricultural Merry Garden will be situated near the East Entrance parking lot. It will cultivate new, high-quality, or special agriculture with the help of Zhuhai Yuehua Landscaping Construction Management and the Strait Academy of Modern Agriculture.


Lawns of Taiwanese grass


Central pond


Blue sky of Zhuhai [Photos by Chen Pianpian / Zhuhai Daily]

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