Outpatient unit in Hengqin earns overall high rating


Updated: 2019-06-13

The Hengqin Integrated Outpatient Department of Zhuhai People's Hospital (Zhūhǎi Shì Rénmín Yīyuàn) has become China's first of its kind to merit a five-star rating for management, quality, service, and finance.

The rating was issued by the Hong Kong Institute of Asclepius Hospital Management, a third-party hospital evaluation institution, based on its Report on Chinese Hospital Competitiveness • Star Grade Certification. 


Hengqin Integrated Outpatient Department

Currently, the outpatient department is the only public grassroots medical institution in Hengqin New Area. It will be upgraded to a branch of Zhuhai People's Hospital over two phases; changes to the roof design of the outpatient building had already been completed by Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

The Grade-II hospital, 2.5 km (1.6 miles) from Hengqin Checkpoint, will offer 100 ward beds catering to both Zhuhai and Macao patients later this year.


Rendering of Hengqin Branch of Zhuhai Renmin Hospital

Units will address internal medicine, general surgery, emergency, radiology, clinical laboratory, ultrasonic imaging, healthcare management, gynecology, pediatrics, and more. Facilities for gastrointestinal endoscopy and chest pain are also planned.

Next, Zhuhai may explore possibilities to allow use of Macao's medical coupons and insurance in Hengqin, according to Qin Yi, director of the Outpatient Department.


Construction site [Photos courtesy nanfangplus]



Hengqin Island in line for complete hospital facilities

The Hengqin Branch of Zhuhai People's Hospital will come into Phase I operation in the second half of this year while other extensive medical facilities are developed by a hospital affiliated with Guangzhou Medical University.

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