Hengqin gives street vendors functional new 'stores'


Updated: 2019-06-13

About 30 modified shipping containers have become a market for former street vendors to provide catering, fruits, and groceries in a busy Hengqin New Area neighborhood.

Commencing operations on June 11, Chuangyi Jishi (Creative Market) near Yinxin Garden (银鑫花园) Community was provided with water and power supplies, lighting, operational facilities, garbage clearance, and round-the-clock security. Previously, the vendors merely had exposed stalls along the streets.

Twenty-eight of the 33 "houses" are occupied, including 20 for restaurants, three selling fruit, and five grocery stores. The total business area equals 1,000 sq m (a quarter-acre).


Stacked containers house vendors [Photo by Dai Danmei / Zhuhai Daily]

To make it happen, the Hengqin New Area Bureau of Comprehensive Law Enforcement joined with Zhuhai Da Hengqin Public Facility Management Co to explore the "property city" -- a new model of social governance. It uses market mechanisms to integrate management, services, and operations using public urban spaces, public resources, and public projects, through a combination of professional services, "smart" platforms, and administrative forces.

Investigators chose the site adjacent to Hengqin Checkpoint, Hengqin Headquarters Tower, Hengqin Phoenix Tree Tower, and Hengqin International Financial Center, among other office buildings. Many store owners said that the continuous development of Hengqin and gradual fulfillment of its cross-border office policies are sure to bring more customers.

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