Online import-then-sell commerce cleared to kick off


Updated: 2019-07-03

The facility to supervise online shopping bonded cross-border e-commerce has just obtained Gongbei Customs approval, inaugurating Customs Supervision Code 1210. The first freight truck is to clear customs this week.

Covering 3,300 sq m (3,947 sq yd), the location at Zhuhai-Macao Cross-Border Industrial Zone Zhuhai Park comprises office, commodity sorting and inspection zones, smart gates, and X-ray import-export sorting systems. It can handle 12,000 goods daily. 


E-commerce [Photo courtesy Zhuhai Daily]

Last July, Zhuhai was among 22 cities newly recognized by the State Council as Comprehensive Cross-Border E-Commerce Pilot Zones. Each city was then allowed to engage in the cross-border online shopping bonded import business as of last November.

E-commerce platform operators may import overseas goods in bulk in response to market forecasts and consumer demand. The goods are then stored in a special customs-supervised area before being ordered and delivered directly to consumers as personal items. This enables customers to purchase overseas products at a lower price and enjoy quicker delivery compared to direct purchase imports (Customs Supervision Code 9610).

The second customs-supervised bonded site for cross-border online shopping is expected to open in September, with construction well underway.



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