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Sokka sports town could attract millions to Pingsha


Updated: 2019-07-12

National field hockey and handball training bases that will host top-level matches are currently under construction in Pingsha Town of the Gaolan Port Economic Zone of Jinwan District.

Best known for Ocean Spring Resort and its yacht-building industry, Pingsha could attract an addition 3 million tourists yearly to the facility -- Sokka International Football Small Town. Upon completion, the sports town is expected to create 5,000 jobs, generate more than 3 billion yuan ($437 million) in annual revenue, and file 100 million ($15 million) in yearly tax payments.

Plans for the facility were reviewed on July 10 by Peng Ning, director of the Office of Handball, Hockey, Baseball & Softball Administrative Center of the General Administration of Sport of China. His personnel held a conference with Zhuhai-based Guangdong Sokka Group to promote field hockey and handball projects.


Field hockey [Photo courtesy Zhuhai Daily]

An agreement was signed then to increase cooperation in field hockey and handball winter training systems, top-level international events, industrial operations, and talent cultivation. The administration and group will work together to popularize and develop the two sports.

Guangdong Sokka Group has Sport + Tourism as its core business. Costing 6 billion yuan ($874 million), the football small town will focus on soccer and service, sport and tourism, and ecology and healthcare. It will offer a diversified portfolio of football, yachting, tourism, health, and education projects.  

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